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The convenient payment of fireplaces, furnaces and chimneys! The monthly instalments are negotiated!

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Suomen Eurouuni is a domestic family enterprise which is located in Mäntyharju. We manufacture and market high-quality products which bring warmth and comfort to homes and complement interiors.

Our products are manufactured out of the natural stones. Our product range includes: fireplaces, fireplace/bake ovens, bake ovens, stoves, heaters, grills, custom-made fireplaces.

We market:
pre-fabricated steel chimneys, lightweight fireplaces, stoves, heaters, hatches for "Do-it-yourself" individuals, a variety of stone tiles for outdoor and indoor use and other accessories.

Raita-ahontie 8, 52700 Mäntyharju, Puh (015) 165 144, Fax (015) 165 244